Weight Loss Program

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This is a weight loss program that will ruin you for all others. This is not based on gimmicks, hype or BS. This is based on true foundational health science, a health program with massive weight loss as a side effect if you will. There is nothing fad about this, if you want to learn how to lose weight and get healthy in the process and learn about a lifestyle that will keep it off easily this is the program for you.

Table Of Contents


1. Welcome
2. Interview
3. Introduction To The Program
4. Psychology Of Self Leadership & Getting Leverage On Yourself For Success
5. What You Are Not Designed To Eat
6. The Science Of Workouts That Get Results
7. Foods That Nourish & Sculpt The Body
8. The Key To Anti-Aging & Shrinking Abdominal Fat
9. Get The Edge
10. The Ghosts Of Weight Loss Future
11. Summary & Conclusion

What Others are Saying...


”Hey Terry, we just wanted to give you a heads up on where we are at right now after one month of using this new program. I have lost nearly 15lbs , beer belly is getting smaller by the week. Tanis has lost 10lbs so far and we are both feeling pretty good and excited. ”

Steve Clement


”At day 30 I plan to do some measuring and weight check. But clothes are baggy already!”

Kimber Crow


“Dude, I have been so pumped by your audios that I couldn’t sleep and have been up since 4 am as I wanted to hear more. These are by far the most honest, cut through bs info ever. And I have been through a lot of freaken info in my short 35 years. I want more. Coach me. Name your price and I will see if I can work with it. Yes I’m needy and I want more attention, one on one work. What do you say?…….We are now working together and she lost ten lbs in Nine Days, which is a significant % of her body weight” 

Monika S


“I have listened to them both twice. Its so good Terry!…. it really makes you think about all the lies you have told yourself. For me it was the realization that I gave my thoughts and lies so much power. That one ill listen to several times. This program is a lot more than just about weight loss. So good!…..It is all really good Terry! Answers everything one might need to know……..I just finished the 6th call out of your program. You put so many misconceptions to rest. Your scientific approach, on how the body works, is mindboggling! From a person who has had and issue with fear of food, to the point of an eating disorder, I am thankful! And I am not even done with the series yet ”

Heather Portwood


”Amazing audios….you are speaking my language!…….I have been eating more fruit and in the last 4 days have lost 4 pounds! That just blows me away!!! ”

Alicia Raulerson


“I just measured my waist, ass and thighs, and I’m down 8 inches in total (less than 1 month). Rest of measurements, I need help with to make sure they’re accurate!



“Don’t much like being “compared” to chimpanzee, but am LOVING the audio! LOVING! The chimp thing has nothing to do w/ eating.”

Elizabeth D.


“Terry…you are no amateur you are VERY knowledgeable! You don’t get results like that (especially with someone else whom you have no control over) being an amateur! People need to remember that hard work pays off…neither you nor Christina achieved this by slacking off! Talking the talk educates people but walking the walk stops all excuses in their tracks! ”

Cristen Mulley Hammel


“Loved the leadership audio worth the money already!…….”Your audio program is amazing!!!! Wish I could listen 24/7…actually pretty close to that now…others cant put the 50 shades of gray down, I cant stop listening to the audios!!! Makes so much sense too!
THANK YOU!!!! )))))))))”

Anita Filbeck


“You are so fricken passionate about what you talk about !! I am in the middle now of your audio. I can’t wait to finish it. Because I want to know MORE !!!! ……Your audios ARE AWESOME !! The MOTIVATION you bring, your KNOWLEDGE that you bring to the table is incredible. I AM SO GLAD that I jumped on this…. I AM CHANGING and TRANSFORMING my body…life for EVER !!!!!

Dawn Hepler Schaupert

Video Testimonial