Testing Your Way To Certainty

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Testing is a complex subject where there are no black and whites and no perfect test unfortunately. The format of this audio program is to provide you with guidance not only on which tests must be avoided but also which ones you should strongly consider.  

The true purposes of testing are to:

  • Learn to measure health rather than simply testing for dis-ease

  • To troubleshoot complex problems

  • To track progress over time

  • To provide certainty that you are on the right track and that all is well, which is priceless.


This subject no matter what level of guidance I provide still has some complexity to it and requires some thinking on your part as well as some prioritizing.  Of course if budget were no issue you could simply do them all and hire expert guidance to interpret and strategize around those results but for many of us this is simply not possible. The good news is everything is recorded and you can re-visit as many times as is necessary to narrow down which tests are right for you. Only you know your body and your lifestyle history so you are your best judge of what tests you believe are fitting.