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Cancer Program

“If you received a penny for each time I said something positive about you, you would have a million dollars by now!!! I spoke to Angie today for about a half hour and I told her that she MUST do a one-on-one coaching with you. I will NEVER forget you!!!!! You changed my life!!!!

Thank you for helping my brother!!! This is the first time he has been happy since he received his initial diagnosis on Christmas eve. I talk to my brother at least 3 times a day now, and he is diligently working on gathering all of the supplements, oils, etc that you recommended. He will be emailing you an update tonight or tomorrow morning. God directed me to Doris, Doris directed me to you and I directed my brother to you and the result is that my only brothers life will be saved. There are no words of thanks that are adequate. We will sing your praises forever! Also, thank you for the information below, very interesting! My brother is extremely smart and he said that as soon as he spoke to you, he knew YOU knew what you were talking about!Bless You!”


Dr. Cynthia McQueen, PhD


“Hi Terry, I am going through your recording for the 2nd time. I have seen quite a few doctors and read a lot too. (This is from a woman that spent 100K on over 20+ in multiple countries “Dr’s” before coming to me)


Your information is:

1) Straight from the heart

2) Completely honest

3) Clear, Concise and easy to understand

4) One can always learn something learning from you even if they feel they heard it all

5) Uncensored – you say it as it is

6) Your years of research and hard work show it

7) Very educational

8) Your are familiar with all protocols and solutions

9) Your cover all important areas, when I see a lot of Naturopaths and Homeopaths I notice each one has their own specialty and not completely knowledgable on the whole spectrum

10) You definitely know more than MD’s”

Doris Parreno


 “Terry, you always know how to nail it right on the head! We’ll be in touch with my update – busy – feeling great! “ 
Lisa K

"I myself have had 21 operations to date. None minor. I suffer from chronic pain. I will be 52 next month. I started using the oils faithfully approx 7 months ago but it was terry tillaarts extreme pain programm that has helped me come out the other side. Yes I have my pain days still and that is usually because I tend to go over board on our 2 acres and I raise an active 12 year boy alone and I am a very hands on parent. I am also very athletic and tend to push the limits too. The oils are amazing but one needs the knowledge of how to use them and the combinations of them. Terrys programme goes beyond oils using other substances that the body needs or doesn't need to fight pain and heal the body which of course will take time. There is no quick fix. His program is inexpensive for the results it has given me. I have to do my part or his part won't work. I still have a ways to go due to all the toxins and stress my slight body has gone through but I have terry and all the free info him and his put out there for us which is a gold mine. I have better results from terry than any doctor or surgeon without any pressure what's so ever. Keep doing what you do best terry. Helping people to heal and live a healthy more fulfilling life."


Deena Addis

Rapid Immunity Program

"Hey Terry,


I have listened to a few of your audios and I believe that I can say with full assurance that your program is the most thorough one I’ve ever listened to. You don’t leave one single component unexplained. In fact, if anyone decides to purchase your program, they will learn more about HEALTH than they would ever be able to learn from any doctor over their entire lifetime. That’s because quite honestly, I believe you know FAR more than ANY MD could ever begin to know about the health and well being of the body. You explain the real causes behind cancer and debunk the conventional explanations. You explain why the conventional methods can’t work and why their “tests” only add to the toxic soup in a cancerous body. And then you supply people with the alternative solution to those same tests.


Something I REALLY loved was how you said that people and doctors are trying to take an allopathic approach to using natural remedies. I concur – I have seen that happening just as much in animal health and that is because people have been so inundated with half truths and lies they can’t see their way clear to understand why none of this works. In addition, you explain the fear tactics used to convince them why their conventional choices are so limited but the ONLY solution. That is when you come in and blaze the trail with the real solution and it is not one magic bullet – conventional or natural. It is a lifestyle and that is the REAL way to health. That is the naturopathic way. It is apparent to me that you spent a considerable amount of time gathering all the statistics, facts, you could and it is also apparent you have a deep, innate knowledge of how the body was designed to work. You take away every single reductionistic approach to this problem and make it evident that none of that is going to work. ONLY a whole health approach will bring that body back into homeostasis and true wellness.


You accomplish this all with some humor as well which I greatly appreciate and I believe participants in this program will as well – and by the way that is healing in and of itself! You give people hope…in fact more than hope, you give them back control of their lives and they gain their health in the process.


Bravo Terry, well done!!! Yes, I would definitely suggest that anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or is just wanting to prevent it, should definitely utilize this program."

Dr. Kim Bloomer

Weight Loss Program

“Dude, I have been so pumped by your audios that I couldn’t sleep and have been up since 4 am as I wanted to hear more. These are by far the most honest, cut through bs info ever. And I have been through a lot of freaken info in my short 35 years. I want more. Coach me. Name your price and I will see if I can work with it. Yes I’m needy and I want more attention, one on one work. What do you say?”……… (by the way we are doing one on one coaching now and the weight is just totally falling off as planned and she feels great too)

Monika S


Extreme Pain Resolution

“Terry excellent work and thank you for doing so much research and sharing this all so selflessly. This was THE best teleconference on cancer I have EVER listened to!!! ...


Terry I think you have a gift in health coaching. First of all you care and it shows. And second of all you have the knowledge. That old saying that says "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" is so true. You fortunately have both down pat!


Terry this is your calling my friend WAY too many people and animals have cancer and are dying because they have bought the lies. I hope many listen and come to you Terry.


I am proud to call you my friend Terry - you are an amazing young man! I thought a clarification on "naturopathy" was necessary because I know you were referring to naturopathic physicians not traditional naturopaths such as we are - YOU are a true traditional naturopath my friend whether you realized it or not.”


Dr Kim Bloomer, C.V.N.D., N.D.

"Terry has been a good friend of mine for nearly ten years and I have learned that he is such a kind person. Over these years, Terry has shared with me his growing knowledge of natural health, helping answer questions surrounding my own health and teaching me that "self-love" is truly important to my health and happiness. He is never afraid to share the real truth and to present all of the facts. Recently, I listened to Terry's audio on "Immunity" and I came away with a greater knowledge on how to protect my immune system on a daily basis, the preventative measures I need to take, and what to do when I feel myself getting sick. I have purchased many of the tools he mentioned in his audio and I have been following his steps for taking care of my body and my health each day. Over the past years, I experienced many sinus colds and sore throats throughout the winter months. This year, I have not yet been sick. I felt a bit of an ache in my throat a couple of times, but I then took out my tools, followed Terry's guidance from his audio, and by the next day I was feeling back to myself. Thank you Terry for being a great friend and supporter. I look forward to all of your future work."

Jennifer - Alberta, Canada

"I am feeling so much better! The difference is so amazing! I am going to go out and learn how to write the most effective testimonial ever. This is the most valuable information I have ever received. I can't tell you how greatful I am for the help you have given me. Strep throat has never been almost gone this fast even with antibiotics as a kid!"


Amy Marie Williams



"So Terry I listened to your immunity audio last sunday (and several times since then) made out my list which wasn't too much since I already had most of it thankfully....I woke up monday morning with a sore throat and the nasty cold that has been going around,,it hit me so quick...so I started your protocol and was a little worried on tues morning that i was getting worse instead of better but just like you said by noon time I actually felt tipping point!!! was so excited..and each day felt better although I took a back slide on friday morning...i feel this was due to a stressful situation that occurred thursday nite til early sat morning. thankfully on wed i had gone and purchased some more tools that were suggested in your program so I started taking that and by sun afternoon was feeling like I had licked it again....this cold has taken others weeks to get over and they even missed worked!!!! Thank you again for such an informative audio and sharing your knowledge..I love being in control of my life and my health!"


Anita Filbeck



"I am better already. 8 days of being sick and not sleeping and 2 days of implementing only half of Terry's program because I didn't have everything and I'm already better. I can only imagine if I actually did have everything which will be the case the next time I am sick. I would NEVER endorse someone who I felt was just a gimmick. There is tremendous value in his product and whether it's right for you or not is you're decision but it works."


Wendy McElderry