Plant And Animal "Protein" Are Bad For You!

"Intake of Different Dietary Proteins and Risk of Heart Failure in Men" is the title of a new 2018 Study that recently came out.

In the interest of brevity I will keep this article short and sweet and link to several videos where I've covered the dangers of protein in depth.

Plant Protein was seen as less risky, only increasing the risk for heart failure by 17% but exhibited a risk nonetheless.

In fact, the researchers found that the men in the group who ate the most protein were 33 percent more likely to be diagnosed with heart failure.

Whereas, those who ate the most animal protein were 43 percent more likely to be diagnosed; and those who ate the most dairy protein were 49 percent more likely to be diagnosed with heart failure, compared with those who ate the least amounts of animal and diary protein.

This is clearly bad news for both the standard "Paleo/Keto" diet and the Vegan "Paleo/Keto" diets. This is also bad news (that will be swept under the rug mind you) for "protein" supplement purveyors.

For those who wish to pretend that they are simply on a high fat diet and only a "moderate" protein diet let me remind you that the foods that contain large amounts of either fat or protein tend to have large amounts of both simultaneously. Yes there are exceptions but let's not play the cherry picking game on a moot point, and I say moot because the body is surely not designed for a high fat diet either but for today we will stick to the protein issue.

I've covered the dangers of "Protein" in many videos (here and here come to mind) with more specific emphasis on it's relation to Cancer. However, high protein diets also contribute to many other dis-eases and the same can be said for high fat diets irrespective of the source. With that said there is clear and abundant evidence that animal based sources are significantly worse.

Put the "Protein" down already!

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