Cancer - What Is The Best Clinic?

Healing At Home Vs Going To A Clinic

Both your dis-ease AND your health are your responsibility especially in the long run. I think it is time you educate yourself and step into your personal power. There never is or was supposed to be any kind of "savior" other than the person you saw in the mirror this morning.

While, there are many "great" cancer clinics which use quasi-alternative, quasi-natural cancer treatments, most also use lots of poison. These include clinics in Germany, Mexico (Some cities are more dangerous than the cancer :), the United States, and many other countries.

The main advantage to using an alternative cancer clinic is forced discipline for those who cannot get themselves to do what is necessary at home. These clinics are usually run by medical doctors (rarely an advantage in my books and in many cases damn scary!) In some cases they can also use equipment which the average person cannot afford to own in their own home. Furthermore, they offer some powerful therapies that many people get excited about but the truth is none of them ever address the root causes. Given the choice between some fancy "therapy" and addressing the root causes, I'll take the root causes 1000 to 1.

It is critical to understand that no clinic can completely restore a person's immune system within a few weeks while at the clinic. Nor can a clinic fix the damage done by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to the person's non-cancerous cells and organs while at the clinic. Not only are you going to leave the clinic and have to go home and do months of healing anyway, you may have to do some healing from being AT the clinic! Yes that's right many of these clinics are causing people lots of harm using dangerous tests and dangerous drugs, including chemotherapy, which to me is mind boggling.

Thus, to think that a person can walk into an alternative cancer clinic and walk out totally "cured" within a few weeks, is delusional. Nor would I EVER take advice from someone who is incapable of enough independent thought to arrive at the conclusion that there is no such thing as "good poison" in certain situations. People who have Cancer are already poisoned so adding more poison is no more a solution than a drunk person chugging Tequila shots to get sober would be.

All clinics give their cancer patients, who have completed their treatment, a list of treatments to be used at home. Thus, even if you have your cancer treated at a clinic, you will still end up treating it at home and neither the treatment at the clinic or at home given are necessarily the "right" or most comprehensive approaches. In fact, they are usually woefully inadequate and you arrive at home with empty pockets surrounded by the same home environment that contributed to the Cancer in the first place.

Note this carefully: Many of the "alternative cancer strategies" found in my program as an example are far stronger, and more comprehensive than the treatments recommended by the clinic for patient use after they leave the clinic, and often times even stronger than what is offered while in the clinic. Oh and did I mention that we systematically tackle all known root causes addressing the real problems?

Take for example, the "Cancer Vaccines" used at some of these clinics, a foolish idea to begin with, given Vaccines don't confer immunity. If you read the fine print and take at face value the benefits it offers, it appears the Vaccines produce a 48% increase in NK Killer cells within 3 weeks. Upon reading closer this is using their entire program combined at one particular clinic. Sounds impressive right? Except for the fact that I can show you how to get MUCH higher increases in those numbers in significantly less time from home, for way cheaper.

This is because the strongest alternative strategies are designed to be comprehensive and based on true traditional Naturopathy healing principles. Many of these clinics still use several pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, mega dose radiation testing, biopsies, antibiotics, cancer vaccines, pseudo-natural compounds created by pharmaceutical companies etc....All of these strategies are based on "attacking" the Cancer cells rather than healing the body and fixing the multi-factorial root causes. You can also accomplish more "attacking" of the Cancer cells from home than is being done in these clinics for the record.

In other words, even after you are sent home after being treated at one of the "best" alternative cancer treatment clinics, most experts would still advise you to adopt the strategies I advocate for, rather than the home treatment suggested by your clinic! I know many people who went to 2-3 clinics, spent $100,000 and still aren't Cancer free even a year later. This is not an attack on any of them, who were doing the best they could with the knowledge they had at that time but it's not the shoes I would ever want to be in!

Cancer can be a vicious dis-ease and even though much can be done at a clinic in a few weeks, restoring the damage done to the body and the immune system by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery cannot possibly be completed in a few weeks, it usually takes 12-18 months and in some cases a lifetime to repair the damage by the account of many experts.

The root causes can be addressed by people with a budget, discipline and full compliance to a properly designed program within roughly 3-4 months in most cases and good luck finding a test of any kind with bad news once you've done that.

Lastly, many of the strategies used in these clinics can be incorporated into a good home program already and many of these clinics will send you home with minimal education to truly take control and personal power over your health.

Cost of Some Clinics Out There Are....

-> Oasis Of Hope ---- $23,000 - $30,000 (plus flights to Mexico) ---3 visits 12 days, 6 days, 6 days. 1 month in between each visit and you are on your own. Clinic sometimes uses chemo but does offer a broad range of treatments

-> Average clinic in Germany as I understand is approx. $25,000 -> Chemo/Radiation/Surgery in US for average Cancer patient is $350,000

-> CNV (+ flight to San Diego) costs $5,500 per week, and a two-week minimum stay is required. The doctors recommend three weeks for optimal care. The cost covers the full cost of the Gerson Therapy, as well as accommodations and meals for both the patient and the companion.

-> Sunridge --- Uses some Chemo & Naltrexone, CARESENG (Ginseng @ $500 per injection in Ontario), Doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic drug commonly used to treat infection and radiation at times and I understand costs are comparable to Oasis of Hope

-> Hoxsey Clinic --- It is not as expensive as many therapies - it costs approx. $3500 but you can do something comparable at home that is both stronger and cheaper.

-> La Mariposas Clinic in Spain ---- 10,000 Euros for 2 weeks --Depending on the type of cancer and how advanced it is that number rises.

-> (Many clinics in Tijuana – The city may be more dangerous than the cancer :) ---- $29,500 for 12 day visit, includes some take home “technology” but not big on supplements

-> Bruzynski Clinic --- If you undergo this treatment you should then plan to spend at least $45-50,000 dollars in the 3-4 weeks, and those good folks like most all Cancer clinics will give you a nice dose of Chemo and other drugs as well.

In Conclusion, people ask if I had Cancer which Clinic would I run to and the answer is none of them. ANY clinic that performs any dangerous testing, including biopsies or uses any drugs of any kind is lost beyond imagination or explanation. If you are still bent on going to a clinic at minimum call and ask some questions about harmful substances and tests used there and when you find out they do, it's wise to pay to stay away from them! Clinic or no clinic at the end of the day you will be forced to work a healing program at home and no clinic is well equipped to provide you with said plan. Those same dollars that would have been spent at the clinic can and should be spent on "Greening" your home, creating a chemical free sanctuary so you can avoid getting Cancer in the future.

A healing plan that far exceeds anything being done in any clinic, anywhere on the planet can be learned at home for less than $50/hour and you can apply the savings to the groceries, the chemical free lifestyle and important supplements. Using the word "exceed" is a euphemism really because the clinics don't even hold a candle to what dealing with the root causes at home can do for you. So why then are people spending $30,000 - $100,000 at clinics? Because of good marketing and our deeply misplaced societal "Dr hypnosis" where "Authority" is trusted over reason and first principles.

Please spare me the diatribe if you "disagree". If the clinic is for you knock yourself out and if this is not the right healing from home strategy for you I sincerely wish you the best with whatever plan you choose. For those who jive with logic please be sure to share this far and wide.

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