Morphine & Cancer - Yet Another Dr F&(% Up

If you've listened to me for any length of time you know I consistently beat the drum that if you poison people you should only ever expect one result and that is to see a decline in health. It doesn't matter if a "Nice Dr" (what our society calls "good") recommends the poison or whether or not it comes from a "Specialist" it is still poison.

Morphine is no exception to this rule and it comes with a big price. Many people with Cancer end up finding themselves in a great deal of pain and it is not uncommon for a Dr to prescribe them Morphine, which results in more Cancer. Dr's making problems worse should come as no surprise in 2016, but sadly it still surprises many.

In fact, The Nutrition Institute of America funded an independent review of “government-approved” medicine that was published in 2006. Professors Gary Null and Dorothy Smith, along with doctors Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman and Debora Rasio titled the report “Death by Medicine.”

The Conclusion? Iatrogenic death rate in the US (death caused by doctors and/or medical treatments) is 783,936 a year. Over a decade, the scientists predict that iatrogenic deaths will total about 7.8 million and this is with a 5-20% reporting rate due to lawsuit fears meaning that the number could be 20X higher.

Let's be clear, NOBODY should ever be taking Chemo, Radiation or Surgery for that matter but for those who get sold into that fear it is important to know that Morphine makes it worse.

Morphine causes Chemo resistance making the "treatment" (Joke of a descriptor) less effective found in studies here and here.

Morphine promotes Angiogenesis and Breast Cancer Progression found here. In fact, in multiple studies we find Morphine causing Cancer to grow out of control found here, here, here and here.

One way of summarizing what Cancer is, albeit incomplete, is that Cancer is a dis-ease of the immune system and once again we find Morphine further weakening the body's own defense mechanism making them more susceptible to Cancer growth as well as future Cancer. We can see Morphine weakening the body here.

Furthermore, it is a documented fact that Morphine causes serious liver and kidney damage, and in some cases can even increase inflammation and prolong pain as documented here.

So then what does one do if they are in pain and have Cancer? The answer is that pain, just like Cancer, both have multi-factorial root causes and once they are addressed the body heals and they both go away.

Say what? Cancer is NOT a "War", a "Battle", nor is it something you "beat/defeat". Cancer is something you must heal from and that is done through systematically addressing the underlying root causes of why it is there in the first place.

Back to the question of what someone should do if they have Cancer and Pain simultaneously and the answer is work with a true expert on the subject as they should already know how to address both of these issues. Sadly, what we find is millions of people in online forums as well as Health Professionals dead stuck in the Allopathic model, perpetuating myths that Cancer can be solved with just a few magic pills. Whether these pills come from Nature or they come from a chemistry lab these are still naive Allopathic approaches of trying to match "disease" to "remedy". To summarize this point, I believe this comes from the fact that all research is stuck in measuring tumor response rates and measuring the "disease" via detectable levels of Cancer clusters resulting in "lumps and bumps" and the potential stagnation and/or shrinkage of said lumps and bumps.

As I've said many times one should never confuse the idea of being "Tumor Free" with being "Cancer Free".

I am not suggesting you need to work with me but you do need to be working with an equally qualified expert on the subject to heal properly, test and measure properly, and within a proper program like mine (as an example) the strategies for alleviating the pain are built right into the program. Before you start with the but but but..... my problems are SO special and my pain is so bad you don't understand I most certainly do. I've taught people to go from contemplating putting ramps in the house to gym member of the year and yes this was verified by Arthritis Specialists that they have no trace of the dis-ease in their test results.

Enough about that, if you want to get healthy stop listening to people who are only legally allowed to offer you more poison.

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