I Eat My Sunscreen

Yes whatever you do decide to put on your skin for sunscreen or at any other given time you should be able to eat it! If you won't eat it, then it most certainly does NOT belong on your skin. If you are thinking you can't possibly absorb it, may I remind you of Nicotine patches. With that said this is not the premise of this blog post.

Humans were designed to be in the sun on a daily basis, the sun is arguably the most life giving substance in existence it's most certainly not a poison as I outlined with extensive research in my previous blog post. So stop fearing it!

People often ask what someone with glow in the dark skin like me does to protect myself from the sun? The answer is 99% of the time I do literally nothing, other then find some shade in excessive times and I eat right.

What does eating right have to do with sunscreen or burning my skin in the sun or Melanoma? Much more than you think!

Anytime the skin burns this is an Oxidative process, similar to "rusting" if you will. You have all heard of anti-oxidants before right? This is one of their functions, to protect you from this Oxidative process.

At the end of the day a poor diet is the real reason why so many people have such problems with the sun. Many cry out but you don't understand how easy I burn, or that "Skin Cancer runs in the family". This of course is Hogwash, Cancer doesn't run in Families, habits run in families.

How do you get Cancer on your skin? First off your skin is a large Organ not an Exoskeleton, and this Organ tends to be a reflection of the health of your other critical internal organs. We get Skin Cancer the same way we get all Cancers for example, from chemicals in our lifestyle, chronic deficiencies, not eating a species appropriate diet, sleeping on a bed that kills us, not drinking properly filtered water, being our own air filters, EMF pollution, not eliminating waste properly, stress etc etc etc.... Research has confirmed that all Cancers are lifestyle dis-eases and in the case of Skin Cancers this is where it happened to show up. If you don't "believe" this see my previous blog post here.

All of those lifestyle factors above contribute to other Oxidative stress factors on your body depleting your Anti-oxidants. Given the way most people eat it's easy to see their problem their diet is devoid of anti-oxidants. Fill your diet with Ripe, Raw, Fresh, Organic Fruits and Vegetables and I don't mean the standard 5% that currently occupies grocery carts but have your diet DOMINATED by these foods the way Nature intended and you won't burn in the sun where you belong. The combination of eliminating the stresses on the body and eating this way alone will solve 50+% of the problem.

Yes it's that simple humans that lived under the sun for thousands of years ate anti-oxidant rich diets and this along with natural Melanin produced by the skin from consistent sun exposure protected them from the sun.

I could write an entire book on this subject, but suffice to say that people are still going to read this and ask about extreme exposures and the honest ones will also admit that even though the article makes sense that doesn't mean they will eat enormous amounts of fruits and vegetables in practical application. So what should these people do?

They should consume Astaxanthin, which is a marine algae that is fat soluble, meaning your body stores it. If you consume this for a few weeks prior to let's say a trip to the Islands, your body will have a storehouse of anti-oxidant protection from the sun. You may or may not find this practical but I'm frequently asked what I do and this is it. You can find Astaxanthin right here

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