Clean Water For $0.42 / day

It should come as no surprise that our water supply is thoroughly contaminated whether you are on municipal tap water or whether you drink from a well. The good news with well water is that there are no deliberately added Fluoride or Chlorine but that doesn't mean these chemicals and 80,000+ other chemicals are not present in the water. Let's take Perchlorate (Jet Fuel) for example.


A report by the US Government and Accountability Office (GAO) found that perchlorate has polluted the soil, groundwater and drinking water in 35 states, including Washington D.C., and has contaminated 153 public water systems in 26 states.


If you could drink and bathe in clean water for $0.42/day would you want to know about it?

Pharmaceuticals are designed to have an effect at very tiny doses individually and to date there has never been a single safety study ever conducted on pharmaceutical combinations. This is a scary thought given this fact:

Officials in Philadelphia said testing there discovered 56 pharmaceuticals or byproducts in treated drinking water, including medicines for pain, infection, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, mental illness and heart problems. 63 pharmaceuticals or byproducts were found in the city's watersheds also.

Drink From a Well?

"In tests of water samples from private wells on Cape Cod, researchers at Silent Spring Institute found 27 unregulated contaminants, including 12 different pharmaceuticals, a variety of chemicals used in non-stick coatings, flame retardants, and an artificial sweetener." Study here

The $0.42 /day solution

Admittedly this solution does not create a perfect water situation for the home but it is a massive upgrade from the status quo and the best money can buy. The following solution is ideal for apartment/condo living where one is restricted from using a whole home system or drilling the counter tops etc....

Shower Filter

We absorb more toxic chemicals through our skin (and breathing) bathing each day than we do by drinking water. Yet, when was the last time you thought about finding a water filter for your shower?

Granted this does not remove 100% of the showering risk (something nobody in the shower filter world will ever tell you) but it is light years better than doing nothing. The limitations of a shower filter is that it requires large amounts of media contact time to fully remove all contaminants.

This is the best filtration media and largest contact time there is when it comes to Shower Filters:

The Spring Fresh® Chlorine Reduction Replaceable 9 ¾" Cartridge Shower Filtration:

Drinking Water Upgrade

Keep in mind this is a value-minded solution, it has limitations in what it can remove including limited fluoride reduction capacity but it is light years ahead of the status quo.

The AQUASPACESAVER® is designed for you to install without tools and guarantees no messy leaks or spills on your counter tops. You won't ever have to replace this system either. When the filter is used up, simply replace the filter cartridge. This patented design incorporates vortex generators ensuring that the water comes into contact with the filter media at all times as it goes through the filter.


I would also highly recommend some AQUATOMIC magnets

The AQUATOMIC magnetic hydrating device optimizes the bio-availability of all aqueous products. This means:

  • Improved bioavailability

  • Optimized pH

  • Increased hydration

To learn more about the science behind incorporating magnets click here


The above Trio, although value based is still a massive upgrade from tap or well water so it is worthy of anyone's consideration especially if you live in a condo/apartment situation. With that said there are more advanced above counter options still available to you if are currently in this living situation that you could explore and many advanced options for home owners.

The Initial installation cost of the proposed Items above is $334.85 which is still less than $1/day in year 1. The ongoing cost to replace the filtration media (all media on the planet must be replaced, anyone suggesting otherwise is lying or misinformed) is $152.90 (on an annual basis). Therefore, the true cost of clean water for you, your partner, kids and pets for the entire day is only $0.42. In my books this is such a tiny investment into your health and what could be more important given we are made of 70% - 99% water. What else do you get of value currently that only costs 42 cents/day?

If you wish to explore a Good, Better, Best solution that is right for you, my wife or I can provide you with a free consultation to further discuss the best options for your home and budget. If/when you are ready to upgrade your water contact us at

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