Rapid Immunity Program

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Are you ready to "never" be sick again?

How to smash any Cold/Flu/Virus...

including anti-biotic worthy infections within 72 Hrs (often by noon)

No Drugs Necessary is Here!
How am I so confident? 

Have you ever been sick right before or during the holiday season?


It's the worst feeling ever! It is also, however, highly likely and almost predictable.


We eat worse, lots of desserts everywhere, sleep less, drink more, stress high etc etc etc.


Ever had a throat or other kind of infection that required anti-biotics and you really wish you could avoid them but nothing was working and you needed help?

My Story

I very rarely get so much as a sniffle for many years now but once under real high stress I got a major major throat infection!

And even worse I was out of town and only had limited health "tools" with me  (I tell this story in detail in the program)

My throat was so swollen despite using some solid essential oils and others tools for 2 days that people around me were trying to force me to Emergency for an oxygen mask and IV anti-biotics!

I have to admit even I was getting a little scared :(

But I just refused to believe that I couldn't do this myself so I jumped in the car after 48+ hours of suffering despite working hard attacking the infection too....

I knew if I got home and got to my "tools" and bought anything else I needed (much better selection in a big city) that I could hit tipping point and turn this thing around.

When I left I was even forced to promise that if I wasn't better in 24 hours that I would agree to hospital intervention.

Me in hospital of all people! 

Can you imagine?

F@CK  that I know what to do, I just need to get what I need to get and handle this thing.

By noon I was home and done shopping for the things I was missing and got to work aggressively!

By 5PM I was still in lots of pain but I could totally feel that I had hit tipping point (your body talks to you when you listen).

The next day symptoms were on a s steady decline as I continued the aggressive plan from the day before....

...and yes I woke up the next ay feeling good again, almost normal :)

And  YES I have taught this to other people and had the results replicated.

For those who have heard this story they always asked what did I do?

How come the oils (everyone knows I am a big fan of essential oils)  didn't handle it?

Does that mean the oils don't work?

The answer is of course the oils work but they are not always sufficient to handle what is going on in the body in isolation they need other kinds of immune system support.

Although I have heard thousands of real life success stories, all true, I have also heard many times where the oils no matter how much were not cutting it!

The odds of success are of course also much higher when you have all of the right oils and use them appropriately but still not always enough....

Anti-biotics especially need to be avoided at all costs so I developed this program.

  1. This program has a solid section on prevention, diet, lifestyle factors and keeping your immune system strong regularly to avoid being sick 

  2. Step by step of exactly what I would do personally with any emergency infection (SARS, Hospital Superbug, Throat From Hell etc etc etc...)

  3. Concise and Instructive so when the problem strikes you don't have to listen to hours of education to know what steps to take next

  4. This is about dealing with root causes and building immunity not suppressing symptoms like drugs

  5. Instructions on what is good for adults AND what is good for kids

  6. The program easily offers 25 Major Distinctions on the subject (guarantee there are some key ones you don't know)

  7. More than Half of these distinctions are non YL/oil related

Why Trust ME On This?


  1. Cancer is a dis-ease of the immune system and I "specialize" in Cancer so I am well versed on why the immune system struggles and how to rapidly boost it.

  2. I will let a Naturopathic Dr speak for the rest.

What others are saying...


“Terry excellent work and thank you for doing so much research and sharing this all so selflessly. This was THE best teleconference on cancer I have EVER listened to!!! ...


Terry I think you have a gift in health coaching. First of all you care and it shows. And second of all you have the knowledge. That old saying that says "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" is so true. You fortunately have both down pat!


Terry this is your calling my friend WAY too many people and animals have cancer and are dying because they have bought the lies. I hope many listen and come to you Terry.


I am proud to call you my friend Terry - you are an amazing young man! I thought a clarification on "naturopathy" was necessary because I know you were referring to naturopathic physicians not traditional naturopaths such as we are - YOU are a true traditional naturopath my friend whether you realized it or not.”


Dr Kim Bloomer, C.V.N.D., N.D.




"Terry has been a good friend of mine for nearly ten years and I have learned that he is such a kind person. Over these years, Terry has shared with me his growing knowledge of natural health, helping answer questions surrounding my own health and teaching me that "self-love" is truly important to my health and happiness. He is never afraid to share the real truth and to present all of the facts. Recently, I listened to Terry's audio on "Immunity" and I came away with a greater knowledge on how to protect my immune system on a daily basis, the preventative measures I need to take, and what to do when I feel myself getting sick. I have purchased many of the tools he mentioned in his audio and I have been following his steps for taking care of my body and my health each day. Over the past years, I experienced many sinus colds and sore throats throughout the winter months. This year, I have not yet been sick. I felt a bit of an ache in my throat a couple of times, but I then took out my tools, followed Terry's guidance from his audio, and by the next day I was feeling back to myself. Thank you Terry for being a great friend and supporter. I look forward to all of your future work."

Jennifer - Alberta, Canada




"I am feeling so much better! The difference is so amazing! I am going to go out and learn how to write the most effective testimonial ever. This is the most valuable information I have ever received. I can't tell you how greatful I am for the help you have given me. Strep throat has never been almost gone this fast even with antibiotics as a kid!"


Amy Marie Williams



"Rapid Immunity Program Success Story ------- "So Terry I listened to your immunity audio last sunday (and several times since then) made out my list which wasn't too much since I already had most of it thankfully....I woke up monday morning with a sore throat and the nasty cold that has been going around,,it hit me so quick...so I started your protocol and was a little worried on tues morning that i was getting worse instead of better but just like you said by noon time I actually felt tipping point!!! was so excited..and each day felt better although I took a back slide on friday morning...i feel this was due to a stressful situation that occurred thursday nite til early sat morning. thankfully on wed i had gone and purchased some more tools that were suggested in your program so I started taking that and by sun afternoon was feeling like I had licked it again....this cold has taken others weeks to get over and they even missed worked!!!! Thank you again for such an informative audio and sharing your knowledge..I love being in control of my life and my health! ~~"


Anita Filbeck



"I am better already. 8 days of being sick and not sleeping and 2 days of implementing only half of Terry's program because I didn't have everything and I'm already better. I can only imagine if I actually did have everything which will be the case the next time I am sick. I would NEVER endorse someone who I felt was just a gimmick. There is tremendous value in his product and whether it's right for you or not is you're decision but it works."


Wendy McElderry

Program Results vs. Visiting A Traditional "Naturopathic Type"  Office


  • Initial Consultation Cost Approx. $200....they take your history, perhaps run a few tests, talk diet basics and maybe a multi-vitamin

  • Multiple repeat visits all costing roughly $100 plus multiple supplements (not necessarily the right ones either...)

  • More visits, mediocre supplements, and minimal results etc...

Video Testimonial