The Programs

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This is a comprehensive, instructive guidance program done in audio format empowering you to make key decisions, as well as test & measure HEALTH, not dis-ease intelligently, so there is low risk and low stress.  The program is delivered from the perspective of "what I would do in your shoes".

If you have pain of any kind you need to stop "managing it" with destructive drugs that come with life altering side effects!  The multi-billion dollar pain industry doesn't want you to understand that there are root causes as to why someone is in pain.  They want you to continue to believe you will suffer for life managing it with their highly profitable drugs.  However, this is simply not true.


Whether you call it arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, Sciatica or any other fancy label there are cellular reasons why you are in pain and if you get them handled the pain is a thing of the past, no longer something that requires managing.  Today can be the day your identity no longer includes your "pain label".  The question is who will you be without it and are you ready to get it handled once and for all?

Have you ever had a nasty throat infection?  A hospital "super-bug" infection or anything other nasty illness that required anti-biotics?  Did you know the word literally means "anti-life"?  Did you know that 1 round of anti-biotics dramatically increases your risk of Cancer in 10 years as well as many other negative health conditions?  


If you ever wanted to know how to beat those nasty, painful infections with the drugs this is the program for you! The only caveat is that you need to own it and the tools recommended in the program today before you get sick for it to truly serve you.  Be prepared, you and your family are worth more than anti-life pills. CRUSH ANY INFECTION IN SHORT ORDER!

This is a weight loss program that will ruin you for all others.  This is not based on gimmicks, hype or BS.  This is based on true foundational health science, a health program with massive weight loss as a side effect if you will.  


There is nothing fad about this, if you want to learn how to lose weight and get healthy in the process and learn about a lifestyle that will keep it off easily this is the program for you.