(1-1/2 Bathrooms) Item# PO-300A

Details: Aquaspace (8" x 44" Tank) Whole Home System Our primary route of exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (such as chloroform, TCE, Radon etc.) is through inhaling these chemicals which enter our homes through everyday water usage. This exposure can be up to 600% greater than exposure through the drinking water. The PO-300A is Point of Entry (Whole House) filter. The Polaris III will filter a maximum of 5 GPM and is suited for ¾" incoming water lines (1 - 1 ½ bathrooms). The unit is available with a Straight In/Out Valve with 5 micron pre-filter.

Aquaspace Whole Home POLARIS™ III

  • The unit requires professional installation. Size 8" x 44" (tank) Overall Height 48" Capacity 350,000 Gallons or 12-18 months, whichever occurs first Flow Rate 5 GPM Maximum (1 - 1 ½ bathrooms) Valve Straight In/Out Valve. Available in ¾" pipe fittings. Materials All the medias and components that are used in all of our filters are manufactured using FDA Food Grade/NSF approved materials and are Industry Standard. Filter Section The Aquaspace Compound reduce organics, industrial and agricultural pollutants including chlorine, chloroform, herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals such as lead. In addition, Aquaspace removes unpleasant colors, odors, tastes, sediment and turbidity.  It does not remove beneficial dissolved minerals that are essential for good health. 5 Micron rating.