Extreme Pain Resolution

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"Chronic pain disables more people than cancer or heart disease and it costs the American people more money than both." 


John Bonica, M.D.

Every single person who truly follows this in disciplined, checklist format will get results GUARANTEED! 

I can't say it will solve 100% of all pain for all people but real tangible results are absolutely certain


This program represents a safe, natural solution for chronic headaches, back pain, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, arthritis, athletic injuries, muscle spasms, asthma, allergies, etc etc....


Most are not looking to “learn" all that much they just want out of pain!


Therefore, I kept the program very concise, minimal on education and very instructive on exactly what to do to resolve your pain and get out of it once and for all.


This program provides solid short term relief while you work on rebuilding your internal infrastructure for a long term PAIN FREE EXISTENCE.


No Hype, No Gimmicks Necessary.

Just intelligently applied science that is poorly understood.


This program has a multi-faceted approach.


  1. Remove all "heat" sources

  2. Let the energy flow

  3. Attack pain NOW

  4. Correct the core cellular regulators of pain and wipe it out of the system completely



Program Results vs. Visiting A Traditional "Naturopathic Type"  Office


  • Initial Consultation Cost Approx. $200....they take your history, perhaps run a few tests, talk diet basics and maybe a multi-vitamin

  • Multiple repeat visits all costing roughly $100 plus multiple supplements (not necessarily the right ones either...)

  • More visits, mediocre supplements, and minimal results etc....


What others are saying...


"Hi Terry, It's been awhile but I wanted to make you know your pain audio helped my husband. His chiropractor could not believe he was "cured" in just a weeks time!" 


Anita Filbeck



"Terry, you always know how to nail it right on the head! We'll be in touch with my update - busy -  but feeling great! "


Lisa K


"I myself have had 21 operations to date. None minor. I suffer from chronic pain. I will be 52 next month. I started using the oils faithfully approx 7 months ago but it was terry tillaarts extreme pain programm that has helped me come out the other side. Yes I have my pain days still and that is usually because I tend to go over board on our 2 acres and I raise an active 12 year boy alone and I am a very hands on parent. I am also very athletic and tend to push the limits too. The oils are amazing but one needs the knowledge of how to use them and the combinations of them. Terrys programme goes beyond oils using other substances that the body needs or doesn't need to fight pain and heal the body which of course will take time. There is no quick fix. His program is inexpensive for the results it has given me. I have to do my part or his part won't work. I still have a ways to go due to all the toxins and stress my slight body has gone through but I have terry and all the free info him and his put out there for us which is a gold mine. I have better results from terry than any doctor or surgeon without any pressure what's so ever. Keep doing what you do best terry. Helping people to heal and live a healthy more fulfilling life."


Deena Addis

Video Testimonial