Cracking the Code Philosophy

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There are no “cures” to anything and there never will be. Any belief to the contrary is a function of deep misinformation programming. Your genes are not faulty, you were not born broken off the factory floor. Your genetic code knows nothing but the pursuit of homoeostasis and therefore the only dis-ease that exists is imbalance in the body. “Disease” should never be spoken of in any other way, unless of course you are addicted to the emotional rewards that come with having big problems.

Take a car for example, you may have the best sports car on the planet, all 2000 parts are the best in existence and yet in so many instances the malfunction of 1 simple part can render the entire car completely useless. Your body is much like this car.


Said another way, restoring balance in the body is more like a complex combination lock whereby missing a number or even a number out of sequence doesn't crack the code. Perhaps the metaphor of dialling a phone number is easier for you to grasp, changing the first number could have you calling an entirely different continent.


We live in a world where even advocates (including highly credentialed health professionals) prefer to address symptoms, take the “simple” route and use nature's remedies the same way an allopathic Dr is taught to use chemical based medicines.

It is an ABSOLUTE truth that you can NEVER heal with poison, a fact that no trillion dollar research figure, decades in Medical school or dogmatic industry propaganda can ever change.


“It is difficult for a man to see the truth when his salary depends upon not seeing it.” 

Upton Sinclair


While health professionals ought to be applauded for recognizing that only substances and modalities that facilitate healing can ever be of any value to the human body their track record for producing major results remains mediocre and this is because of the allopathic lens from which they examine problems.


If you have ever dealt with a problem for a long time and found no results regardless of who you turned to and are tired of hyperbole, “magic potions”, and are emotionally unattached to your problems you came to the right place.

Perhaps you feel you've “tried everything” and maybe you almost did but you were simply 2mm off. Take golf for example, any slight bend, even 2mm in the wrist or shift in angle when the club connects with the ball will send the ball on a wildly different trajectory overtime. Like fitness and weight in particular, your failure/struggles were not cataclysmic events they were small errors in judgement repeated consistently.