Cancer Program

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“Going to a clinic”  vs “Healing from home” article found here.

Healing From Cancer X2

This program is truly unique, designed from 15 years of standing on the shoulders of many giants. It weaves all of the tactical strategies used by many of the giants over the last 100+ years with true Traditional Naturopathy fundamentals.  It is addressing the root causes and has an emphasis on healing that give this program a differentiation gap the size of the Ocean, whereas all of the others are based around the perspective of Cancer as some "enemy" that needs "attacking".  


Many people make the mistake of confusing Naturopathic Physicians with traditional Naturopathy whereas these two worlds are usually far removed from each other due to the curriculum in school being 85% identical to that of MD general practitioners.  A video explanation of some of these differences can be found here.

This is a comprehensive, instructive guidance program done in audio format empowering you to make key decisions, as well as a test & measure HEALTH, not dis-ease intelligently, so there is low risk and low stress. The program is delivered from the perspective of "what I would do in your shoes."

The program focuses on systematically addressing all known root causes accompanied by strategies on how best to correct them.  There is more than ample tactical strategies that are Cancer specific but this is all secondary to the root causes unlike virtually every other program in existence.

Recorded formats offer many great advantages, especially the ability to listen over and over again as needed.  As with any complex subject there is no way you internalize everything in 1 conversation.

The audio recordings alone without video and written instruction total 16.6 hours and because they are recorded they become extremely economical.

Avg Cost Per Hour of this Program = $45/hour

Avg Plumber Hourly Rate = $45 - $150

Avg Dr Hourly Rate = $120 - $400

Avg Naturopathic Dr Hourly Rate = $200

Avg Coaching Hourly Rate with me = $200

Tony Robbins Date with Destiny General Admission = $5995

Cost per course at Columbia University: $8,896

Type of College Average Published Yearly Tuition and Fees:

Public Two-Year College (in-district students)$3,440

Public Four-Year College (in-state students)$9,410

Public Four-Year College (out-of-state students)$23,890

Private Four-Year College$32,410

This format allows you to get wildly more comprehensive advice for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Please note this program is JUST as important for those who “HAD” or have Cancer but because it is based around root causes it is also great for those committed to preventing it.

Total Cost Of The Program is $750

Table Of Contents

  1. Welcome To Your Long Healthy Life

  2. Psychology of Self Leadership & Getting Leverage On Yourself For Success

  3. Poisoned By The State

  4. Testing Your Way To Certainty, The Proper Ways

  5. What You Are Not Designed To Eat

  6. Cancer Go F$%#$ Yourself

  7. Non-Negotiables

  8. Halo Home & Using Technology

  9. Building Your Core - Activating Cellular Wisdom

  10. Yanking Weeds From Your Garden

  11. Maximal Aggression X2

  12. Marshalling An Army - Bring On The Cavalry

  13. Raising The Dead & Finding Your Balance

  14. Fundraising, Budget Friendly Strategies, & Miscellaneous 

Video Testimonial