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Terry specializes in coaching people back to good health from a diverse variety of health challenges.

Do The Easy Shit

Terry is All About Results

Terry Tillaart has produced many great seminars including a North American Speaking Tour called “Cancer: The Fear Ends Here” that reached thousands of people. He has shared the stage with many prominent experts such as Dr. Ben Johnson from the hit documentary “The Secret”, Dr. Sabina Devita founder of the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies to name a few. He is also a featured expert in an upcoming documentary on Cancer alongside many other international experts on the subject. He has created multiple health programs and has successfully taught people how to strategically heal from many health challenges including Cancer, Autism, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many more by focusing on results and proper testing.

His knowledge and success have landed him both on faculty and the Board of Advisers at the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies. At one point Terry was also nominated as the Moderator for the Natural Cures Forum on the World’s largest health website. Terry has taken a keen interest in creating healing homes incorporating air and water filtration, clean sleeping, chemical free living and is also an avid gardener. Terry is a no BS educator on the philosophy of being objective, logically consistent, and unemotional when it comes to examining health principles.

Terry likes to think of himself as a learn-it-all and spends uncanny amounts of time and money on his continuing education and those who know him echo this sentiment. However, he is admired most for the sincere level of interest he has taken in truly helping people and animals. Ladies and gentlemen do not be fooled by the lack of gray hair on this gentlemen …please join me in welcoming our Friend Terry Tillaart.

"Terry thank you much I am doing so much better.  I am much less stressed and the pain in my breasts are going down, there used to be a biting/pinching feeling and it is gone away.  Thank you for encouraging me again.”

Okafor Ngozi


“Hi Terry!  I just wanted to tell you how very much your coaching session meant to me yesterday.  I was astounded by your depth of knowledge, insightfulness, expertise and comprehensive understanding.  I can never thank you enough. In Good Health,”  Cynthia M, PhD

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Cracking the Code Philosophy

There are no “cures” to anything and there never will be. Any belief to the contrary is a function of deep misinformation programming. Your genes are not faulty, you were not born broken off the factory floor. Your genetic code knows nothing but the pursuit of homoeostasis and therefore the only dis-ease that exists is imbalance in the body. “Disease” should never be spoken of in any other way, unless of course you are addicted to the emotional rewards that come with having big problems.


Take a car for example, you may have the best sports car on the planet, all 2000 parts are the best in existence and yet in so many instances the malfunction of 1 simple part can render the entire car completely useless. Your body is much like this car. Said another way, restoring balance in the body is more like a complex combination lock whereby missing a number or even a number out of sequence doesn't crack the code. Perhaps the metaphor of dialling a phone number is easier for you to grasp, changing the first number could have you calling an entirely different continent.

Kindergarten Cancer Quiz

Ever had a friend or family member newly diagnosed and you desperately wanted to get through to them but didn't know how?  Dr's especially with the fear of death and a "specialist" label seem to have a magic spell on sick people living in fear.


The problem is "there is no such thing as a hometown expert" and they can't hear it from you. Moreover, they are Leary to trust "some guy" on the internet over their Dr but it doesn't have to be this way.  The best way to open their minds is to equip your friends and family with a video that empowers them with precise "kindergarten" questions their oncologist cannot answer and allow the Dr to lose their own credibility.  This is the perfect gift for anyone newly diagnosed if you wish to open their eyes and steer them away from the cut, burn, poison route that kills millions more than Cancer ever has.


This is a VIDEO packed with the FACTS

and they are conclusive and inescapable.

Available for instant viewing